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Only one media outlet exists for the purpose of giving a voice to all members of the community: public access television. Access is also the only media outlet in which no one -- no government official, no editor, no advertiser -- can tell you what you can say or how to say it.
I first got involved with access in 1993 as a volunteer producer at Shrewsbury Media Connection (formerly Shrewsbury Public Access Connection). Since then, I have spent over 6 years coordinating governmental programming, have produced public access programming on the arts, religion, and political opinion, and volunteered as a crew member for other producers' programs. I am currently a member of SMC's Advisory Board. There isn't another place where I can express myself without being censored, edited, "balanced," or made to measure up in the ratings race. And even if there were, I couldn't afford to utilize it.
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Remember, access is there for YOU, but it will only work if YOU get involved.

Links to community television organizations, access centers, and information for public access producers:

Stanford University Library: Copyright and Fair Use
Media Literacy Online Project

Alliance for Community Media - National
Alliance Government SIG - for government access organizations
Alliance for Community Media - Northeast Region
Alliance for Community Media - Mass. Chapter
Community Television Producers Association of Hawaii
Community Broadcasting Association of Australia

I used to maintain a page of links to addess centers in the U.S. and worldwide, but it was too much work to keep it updated. You can click here for a list maintained by PegChannels.com.
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