Collecting Olympic Pins

Mom's pins

Pin collecting is a popular hobby among Olympic enthusiasts, so my mother, my son, and I all started collections in Atlanta. Although none of us started collecting pins for their monetary worth, it was fun to learn what is and isn't considered "valuable" by collectors' standards.

Take the "guided tour" using the links at the right to see some of my pins as well as a few of my son's and my mom's. I hope to post a few of my recent additions soon; I'm excited about several NOC pins and limited edition pins I have recently acquired. In the meantime, you can take the tour using the links at the right, or select the separate link to see all my pins, available for viewing by year and by category.

Take the "guided tour" to see all the pins, or select a single category you are interested in. All pins are shown about 50% larger than actual size.

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