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Hey, look, proof I was really there!

These are a few pictures from my wonderful Olympic vacation, July 25 through August 4, 1996.

Spectators walk to the lake for rowing finals The first event we attended was the rowing finals and consolation races on Lake Lanier in Gainesville. Walking down this road toward the lake, I began to get a real sense of being at an important event. This was the most international crowd we would see all week, and it was exciting to watch the medal ceremonies (7 in all!) for winners of many nations.
Olympic security checks bags The rowing finals took place less than 36 hours after a bomb exploded in the Olympic park in downtown Atlanta, about an hour away. Security at the lake was heavy, with guards checking every spectator before allowing them to walk down. It was a minor annoyance, but everyone felt safer.
"No shirt, no shoes, no problem!" The weather was overcast but quite warm that day, and free water was available to help combat heat-related illness. David, on his first trip to the deep south, was amused by this Jeff Foxworthy-esque sign pointing the way. It read, "No shirt, no shoes, no problem!"
Mom, Kelly, and Dave between innings at Fulton County Stadium Our next three events were baseball games, so we spent lots of time at Fulton County Stadium on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. On the hottest night of our stay, a friendly spectator snapped this picture of me between Dave (being a typically goofy 12-year-old) and Mom (donning her Olympic pins).
Australia vs. Korea in Olympic baseball Only 8 nations sent baseball teams to the Atlanta games, but we somehow missed the best teams: Japan, Cuba, and the U.S. Still, we enjoyed this game between Australia and Korea in the soon to be demolished ballpark. The new Olympic stadium across the street has since been reconfigured for baseball and is now called Turner Field.

How about a few more photos?

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