A few people have inquired about the "Made with Notepad" icon at the bottom of my home page. Where did you find this terrific campaign, they ask? What's it all about? How can I join?

As far as I know, "Made with Notepad" isn't actually a campaign, though there are a couple web rings with this theme (see my rings and campaigns page to see the one I joined). It's simply my way of letting the world know that I write my own HTML code in a simple text editor (in my case, Notepad). I started out using a WYSIWYG ("What You See Is What You Get") web page generator software, but I quickly outgrew it and its limitations. So I bought a book about HTML and taught myself. Now instead of being limited by the capabilities of the software I am using, I'm limited only by my own knowledge of HTML - which I have the power to expand with a little effort.

I am not the only person who writes her own HTML code using only a text editor. Others like me find it challenging, liberating, and satisfying. So if you are one of those people, feel free to grab the image at the top of this page and add it to your own site - not to show you're a member of some internet campaign, but to let the world know that you like to do things your own way!

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© 1999 Kelly A. Jefferson. Permission to copy "Made with Notepad" graphic granted for personal use only.