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"Priests for Equality is a movement of women and men--lay, religious and clergy--that works for the full participation of women and men in the church and society." From PFE's mission statement. See also PFE's charter.

As of summer 2001, Priests for Equality's Inclusive Language Project has published all but one volume of its translation of the complete bible. Available now are The Inclusive New Testament, The Inclusive Hebrew Scriptures: The Torah, and Inclusive Hebrew Scriptures: The Writings (The Inclusive Psalms are also available in a separate volume). PFE also offers Inclusive Lectionaries are available for use in Roman Catholic masses, and The Inclusive Readings for Weddings and Funerals. The final volume of the bible translation, The Inclusive Hebrew Scriptures: The Prophets, is due out later in 2001.

According to the introduction to The Inclusive New Testament, the translation efforts of PFE are based on the following criteria:

  • To create a "critical feminist biblical interpretation" of the New Testament in an inclusive language translation.
  • To present the text in a layout that enhances the flow of the biblical narratives, while retaining the traditional chapters and verses.
  • To make a clear distinction between linguistic convention and overt bias in passages that appear sexist.
  • To distinguish between those passages which simply exclude women and those which actively vilify women.
  • To humanize and equalize those relegatd to society's margins.
  • To restore the role and status of women in the New Testament.
  • To stress the mutuality and equality of human relationships
  • To use terminology that acknowledges the many forms in which God appears in our lives.

Read a review of The Inclusive New Testament from The National Catholic Reporter.

You can support Priests for Equality by making an online donation. Books can be purchased online or by mail with a printed order form.

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