Inclusive Bible Study
Study of John's Gospel
June/July 2001

The following passage is taken from the Inclusive New Testament, ©1996, Priests for Equality, Brentwood, MD.

Lesson 1 -- 1:1-18

11In the beginning
    there was the Word;
the Word was in God's presence,
    and the Word was God.
2The Word was present to God
    from the beginning.
3Through the Word
    all things came into being,
and apart from the Word
    nothing came into being
    that has come into being.
4In the Word was life,
    and that life was humanity's light--
5a Light that shines in the darkness,
    a Light that the darkness has never overtaken.

6Then came one named John, sent as an envoy from God, 7who came as a witness to testify about the Light, so that through his testimony everyone might believe. 8He himself wasn't the Light; he only cmae to testify about the Light--the true Light that illumines all humankind.

9The Word was coming into the world--
10was in the world--
    and though the world was made through the Word,
    the world didn't recognize it.
11Though the Word came to its own realm,
    the Word's own people didn't accept it.
12Yet any who did accept the Word,
    who believed in that Name,
    were empowered to become children of God--
13children born not of natural descent,
    nor urge of flesh
    nor human will--
but born of God.
14And the Word became flesh
    and stayed for a little while among us;
we saw the Word's glory--
    the favor and position a parent gives an only child--
filled with grace,
    filled with truth.

15John testified by proclaiming, "This is the one I was talking about when I said, 'The One who comes after me ranks ahead of me, for this One existed before I did.'"

16Of this One's fullness
    we've all had a share--
    gift on top of gift.
17For while the Law was given through Moses,
    the Gift--and the Truth--came through Jesus Christ.
18No one has ever seen God;
    it is the Only Begotten,
ever at Abba's side,
    who has revealed God to us.

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