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Are you a Christian who believes in the equality of all God's children? Are you interested in a Scripture study experience unencumbered by sexist and classist language? If so, please join me in a liberating on-line Inclusive Bible Study.

This site has languished for awhile with no activity, but I'd like to finally get it going! I have set up a new, easy to use, and private (members only) interacative message board where discussion can take place. To join, click "Join the Study Group" in the sidebar.

Why inclusive? The book of Genesis tells us that human beings were created male and female, in the image and likeness of God, to have dominion over the other creatures of the earth, sea, and sky (Genesis 1:26-27). Yet throughout the history of the Christian church, some of God's people have used the sacred Scriptures to establish and maintain, in the church and in the world, a climate in which men are given dominion over women. Not only is this contrary to the intention of the Creator God as expressed in Genesis, but it also conflicts with the liberating ministry of Jesus Christ who chose a woman to proclaim his resurrection (John 20:17).

Which translation? This site uses the inclusive language translations by Priests for Equality, "a movement of women and men--lay, religious and clergy--that works for the full participation of women and men in the church and society." There are other translations that incorporate some inclusive language, including the New Revised Standard Version, the New International Version Inclusive, and the New Jerusalem Bible. I prefer the Priests for Equality translations, however, because they are entirely new translations from the original (Hebrew and Greek) writings and also address the sexist and classist linguistic conventions common in biblical times.

What about other study aids? When I read the bible for study (as opposed to inspirational) purposes, I also avail myself of the excellent introductions and footnotes in my New American Bible. So even though the study passages themselves are from the PFE inclusive translations, other supporting notes may come from the New American Bible.

Are we bible scholars? This site, and this bible study, were initiated by me for others who, like me, want to study and share an inclusive translation of the sacred Scriptures. I am neither a biblical scholar/expert nor a theologian. I am a feminist Christian interested in promoting inclusive biblical translation.

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