"Under Construction"

Kelly's Dollhouse Project

Storage area

  • Dimensions (1 inch = 1 foot): 8 inches x 10 1/2 inches plus attic walkway
  • General decor: "Early attic" - semi-finished.
  • Walls: Weathered wood planks.
  • Floors: Wide wood boards similar to those in the other attic rooms, but more roughly finished. There will be a wood threshold between the sewing and storage areas.
  • Furniture: A couple pieces of old or broken furniture, storage trunks, an old clothing rack.
  • Lighting: Either a wall fixture with bare bulb, or a bare bulb with pull string on the sloped ceiling.
  • Accessories: Hat boxes, one open to show hat inside. Clothes on rack. Blankets and pillows in open trunk. Cardboard boxes with books and toys.
  • Miscellaneous: If I decide to rafter the other two attic rooms, I will do so in the storage area as well. The rafters here will be unfinished or weathered wood, as they would be in an actual attic. I may even "insulate" using a trick I heard recently: accumulating a 1/4 inch layer of lint on the dryer lint filter and trimming it into strips to run between the rafters.

  • Comments: One dollhouse book I saw suggests making an attic storage space to put all the stuff you have but don't know where else to put. But I have one because it is realistic in a house like this. Because I'm starting from scratch, I will have to actually buy or make items with which to "furnish" my attic.

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    This page updated on March 3, 1997 by Kelly A. Jefferson.