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Kelly's Dollhouse Project

Sewing Room
  • Dimensions (1 inch = 1 foot): 11 inches x 10 1/2 inches plus attic walkway
  • General decor: Victorian.
  • Walls: Wallpaper, painted baseboard and ceiling molding. In order to change the wallpaper from that in the halls below, I will place a molding at floor level on wall coming up beside the stairs.

    Wallpaper swatch
    wallpaper swatch

  • Floor: Wide wood boards, area rug.
  • Furniture: Old-fashioned sewing machine table, chair, rectangular work table, clothes rack.
  • Lighting: Undecided, probably wall fixtures.
  • Accessories: Dress form, bolts of fabric, sewing basket, yard stick, wastebasket (with scraps in it, of course), and unfinished sewing projects here and there.
  • Miscellaneous: Because this is an attic (though a finished one), I may add roof rafters, painted to match the wood trim and papered between. There will be a railing around the stair opening matching the railings at the lower two levels.

  • Comments: Even though I don't do alot of sewing, I have seen so many wonderful accessories for miniature sewing rooms that I couldn't resist adding one to my house.

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