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Kelly's Dollhouse Project

The Design Plan

Overall dimensions

Front elevation Side elevation

The scale is 1/12 (1 inch = 1 foot). The footprint of the house is rectangular, 31 inches x 16 1/4 inches. Overall dimension within the exterior walls is 30 1/4 inches x 15 7/8 inches. The overall height from the base (foundation not included) is 29 inches. Floor-to-ceiling height of rooms on the first two floors is 9 1/2 inches. Height of the attic rooms is 8 inches from the floor to the inside of the peak of the roof. The pitch of the roof is 45 degrees.

Arrangement of rooms

I chose a layout almost identical to that suggested in the kit's instructions because it seemed like a very logical layout for a real home.

The first floor has a center foyer and hall, large living room, and a kitchen/dining combination.

First floor plan

The second floor also has a center hall, plus a bathroom and 2 bedrooms.

Second floor plan

The attic level has a third bedroom, a sewing room, and an "unfinished" storage area.

Attic plan

My only notable variation from the suggested layout is in the placement of the stairs. While most dollhouse staircases face toward the open back of the house so as to be visible to the viewer, that is not the way real houses are built. To be true to authentic architectural standards, I am turning them around to face the front. This requires simply flipping the second level floor and attic floor so that the stair openings are closer to the back of the house.


Being unable to decide on one decorating style for the entire house, I plan to vary the decor from room to room. Each room will have flooring, wallcovering, trim, lighting, furniture, and accessories consistent with that room's style.


Every room will be wired for some type of lighting: either ceiling fixtures, sconces, wall outlets (plugs), or some combination. I also want to accommodate Christmas tree lights and possibly a way to create the appearance of a burning fire in the fireplace. The front entrance will also be lit.

While I will definitely electrify the entire house, I am still uncertain which type of wiring system to use. Tape wiring seems the easiest way to wire extensively enough to accommodate future additional fixtures, but I want to explore all options before beginning installation of the system.

Exterior finishing

Wood clapboard siding and asphalt shingle roofing will maintain the simplicity of the basic design. I have no immediate plan to landscape, but I do intend to place the house on an as yet undetermined type of foundation, and construct a brick stoop to reach the front door.

I am also considering building a brick exterior chimney, if the living room fireplace style dictates.

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