"Under Construction"

Kelly's Dollhouse Project

Living Room

  • Dimensions (1 inch = 1 foot): 11 3/4 inches x 15 7/8 inches
  • General decor: Formal living room, style/period undecided.
  • Walls: Undecided.
  • Floor: Undecided.
  • Furniture: Undecided.
  • Lighting: Table lamps only.
  • Accessories: Musical instruments will have a place in this room.
  • Miscellaneous: Fireplace, style undecided. There will be an open (possibly double) doorway from the front of the hall, with no door.

  • Comments: This is the only room for which I have no clear ideas, beyond knowing that I want a music area in one corner of the room. At this time, I am looking at different styles of living room furniture, and when I find something I like I will design the room around it. Depending on what I select, the musical instruments might include a piano, harp, violin, and/or cello.

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    This page updated on March 3, 1997 by Kelly A. Jefferson.