"Under Construction"

Kelly's Dollhouse Project

The Basic Kit


I'm building my dollhouse from a pre-cut plywood kit. It is a simple Early American style 2-story house with a walk-up attic.

The exterior walls and the floors are 3/8 inch plywood. The roof and all interior walls are 1/4 inch plywood. The shell is constructed from the inside out, so that the exterior walls and floors are in place before the rooms are partitioned off from one another. The back is left open for viewing.

All openings for doors, windows, and stairs are pre-cut. The corners of all the openings are rounded and must be squared off.

This kit also includes 2 unassembled staircases, an unassembled front door, 5 unassembled windows, plain shutters for all windows, and 2 chimney tops. No interior doors or trim, nor exterior finishings, are included.

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This page updated on March 5, 1997 by Kelly A. Jefferson.