"Under Construction"

Kelly's Dollhouse Project

Second floor Hall

  • Dimensions (1 inch = 1 foot): 9 3/4 inches (at widest, 5 3/4 at narrowest) x 15 7/8 inches
  • General decor: Undecided, but will match first floor hall.
  • Walls: Wallpaper continued up from first floor hall.
  • Floor: Hardwood continued up from first floor and stairs.
  • Furniture: None.
  • Lighting: Ceiling fixtures at front and back of the hall.
  • Accessories: Framed pictures hung on the wall.
  • Miscellaneous: Unfortunately, because of the opening in the floor to accommodate the stair from the first floor, there is no significant usable space under the attic stairway; however, there may be just enough space to construct a small linen closet. There will be a railing around the stair opening to match the stair banister, and this railing will continue up the second staircase. As with the lower stair, the treads will be hardwood, the risers painted.

  • Comments: From this hall are doors into the master bedroom, nursery, and bathroom. I will add interior doors as none are included with the kit. As in a real house, all doors will open into the rooms rather than into the hall.

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    This page updated on March 3, 1997 by Kelly A. Jefferson.