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What does this ribbon mean?

pin ribbon for breast cancer awareness

The pink ribbon resembles the one I wear in honor of my aunt, Irene Santavenere Ciarleglio, who is a breast cancer survivor, as well as several other women I know who have or had breast cancer.

Survived or undergoing treatment: Sonia Chacho, Grace O'Flaherty Harding, Carolyn Rodgers Henderson, Kathy Leary, Kathleen Blute Madaus, Thelma Martel, Geraldine Petrino, Eileen Scannell, and Susan Zybert.
Deceased: Carol Ann Donovan, Colleen Kirby, Christine Perry, and Ruth VanKooy Pakaluk.

Find out more about breast cancer awareness and prevention from the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. And you can help fund mammograms for poor women by going to The Breast Cancer Site.

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