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"If a man loses reverence for any part of life, he loses reverence for all life."  --Schweitzer

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Pregnant? Need help? You're not alone...
Pregnancy Centers Online

Current Opportunities for Activism

Calling All Women's Ordination Advocates (with cars)
It's Here!

Justice for Women bumper sticker

After years of threatening, I have finally had the above bumper stickers made. The actual sticker is 9 inches by 3 inches, made of polypropylene which sticks well and is supposed to be durable. Cost including shipping is $2.25 for 1 sticker, $4.25 for 2 stickers, $6.25 for 3 stickers. E-mail me to find out where to send payment. I only ordered 25 of these, but if there is enough interest, I'll order more.

Click to Give

The Breast Cancer Site The Rainforst Site The Hunger Site

These sites give you an opportunity to fund a portion of a free mammogram for a poor woman, preservation of a portion of tropical rainforest, or a staple food for a hungry person. All you have to do is click the special button on each web site. To donate even more, patronize their sponsors.

Put Their Money Where Your Mouth Is Support Feminists for Life of America and their radical approach to women's equality and respect for all life - just by shopping online! Thanks to, you can help raise money for FFLA's important work to empower women by eliminating the root causes of abortion. Signing up is free and there is no obligation to shop, but if you do, a portion of your purchase goes to FFLA. So sign up today!

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